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Saturday, July 4th, 2009

I can’t sleep. At least not until somebody tells me what is so wrong with this Mavs’ depth chart:

C: Gortat; Hollins
PF: Dirk; Bass; Nivins
SF: Howard; Singleton
SG: GGreen; Terry; AWright
PG: Kidd; Barea; Beaubois

I know Hollins is extremely foul prone, but trust me Gortat is somebody you’re gonna want on the floor for more than 24 minutes a night.

Even if we lose Bass, we’re kind of covered at the 4.

Gerald Green has the perfect size, athleticism, and skills to be the go-to scorer at the 2. So what about when he starts the game off with one too many bone-headed plays? Oh no, I guess that means Jason Terry has to play some more minutes that night.

And if Kidd bolts to New York (which it doesn’t look like he will)? Not only would Barea be at least interesting (he’s got some Jameer Nelson in him) to give a test drive to, but who says Damp and Stack and cap space couldn’t find a way to morph into Stevie Nash?

All I’m saying is that now that some of the FA dust has settled, we know who we’re not getting (e.g. Artest). If (!) TMac’s healthy, I’ll still do Damp+Stack and scoot him into GGreen’s spot. But as is with Gortat, I like that roster up and down right now.

And yes it scares me that Gerald Green plays such a large role in it. But c’mon, don’t you want to see it? Okay, okay, fine. One final nugget for ya: Orlando wants Bass. Sign-and-trade “The Animal” for Pietrus?