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Technical Difficulties

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I know we promised more regular posts. I assure you that plan has not been scrapped like the Pirates’ 2009 season.

When you’re building a house, the foundation is the boring part that nobody will see but nonetheless is worth the most effort. Same deal with maintaining a website. We’re trying to get a few tweaks done behind the scenes before we really graduate to content.

I can tell you, however, that I am officially dialed in to fantasy football. Depth chart following my first draft:

QB [1]: Warner; Hasselbeck
RB [2]: Slaton; Barber; Benson; FJones
WR [3]: RMoss; Roy E. Williams; Gage
TE [1]: Winslow; VDavis
K [1]: Folk
DEF [1]: DAL

This is subsequent to a draft-day trade of RBush + Braylon for Slaton. So I’ve got one free agent spot (need to find a WR2/3 – I wish FA Miles Austin was good enough to do the trick) to play around with and the team is already Cowboy-heavy. What a beautiful time of year.