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Baseball Doubleheader

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I am the player/co-founder/manager/part owner of a new semi-pro men’s league baseball team in the DFW metroplex. The team is named the Colt .45s, and yes we plan on jamming that Afroman song before every game. We are registered to play in the D.A.B.A. 25+ fall league that plays seven-inning games with wood bats. Yesterday we had our first preseason game against the Mud Cats.

The team’s debut was a rollicking 10-5 victory. I contributed a line of 1-2, HBP, 2 SB, 2 R (including the first run in the franchise’s history), and I also pitched a scoreless seventh with 1 K, 1 hit allowed, and no walks. The 2 steals were more a result of the Cats not exactly having their pitching/catching battery fine-tuned at this point than of any newfound blazing speed on my part.

We participated in the league draft two weeks ago and so today was the first time we really got to see all our guys playing together. The draft itself was a neat process as the other members of our ownership group and I watched the free agents try out while we made notes and rated their abilities before convening with owners of other teams and the commissioner to commence the draft. As it turns out, we got some good players, and thankfully we assembled a squadron of good-natured dudes that seem to get along quite well also. Definitely looking forward to contending for the crown in our inaugural season.

What was that I mentioned about a doubleheader? It was awfully nice to return home and see that Derek Holland hurled a three-hit shutout against the Angels. I don’t think the Rangers will be letting go of him anytime soon, so if the 45’s decide to make a roster addition we may just have to settle for Padilla.

” … and two zig zags, baby that’s all we need.”