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Real Pumped for BBall

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

NBA action tips off in a week and both of my fantasy drafts are now in the books. Can’t wait to see how my boys come charging out of the gate. Here’s a recap:

Draft: 20-Oct.-09, 10 teams
Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, OREB, DREB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, TECH

PG: Steve Nash [13]
SG: Allen Iverson [113]
G: Rajon Rondo [48]
G: Leandro Barbosa [73]
SF: Gerald Wallace [28]
PF: Amar’e Stoudemire [8]
F: Josh Smith [33]
F: Ron Artest [88]
C: Andrea Bargnani [53]
C: Roy Hibbert [108]
UTIL: Anthony Randolph [68]
UTIL: Boris Diaw [93]
Bench: Brandon Jennings [153]
Bench: Tyreke Evans [148]
Bench: Courtney Lee [133]
Bench: Hakim Warrick [168]
Bench: Greg Oden [128]

Draft: 18-Oct.-09, 10 teams
Categories: FGM, FG%, FTM, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK

PG: Gilbert Arenas [19]
SG: Kevin Martin [22]
G: Dwyane Wade [2]
SF: Rudy Gay [59]
PF: Al Harrington [62]
F: Shawn Marion [39]
C: Spencer Hawes [82]
C: Channing Frye [139]
UTIL: Jason Richardson [42]
UTIL: T.J. Ford [79]
Bench: Mike Conley [119]
Bench: Chris Duhon [122]
Bench: Josh Howard [102]
Bench: Richard Jefferson [99]
Bench: Yi Jianlian [142]