1 Game down, 240 to Go

There are actually 255 games remaining in the NFL season, but obviously I’m referring to the FTH season (we don’t play week 17). I am fully aware that no one cares about my fantasy football team, but dammit, the players deserve some recognition…and I think I drafted well.

I was unable to land any Arian-Foster-at-pick-#55-caliber deals this time around (could a reverse jinx apply here?), but I am confident that we have a contender on our hands. With the Packers-Saints kickoff game in the books, here is the squadron as we embark upon another championship journey [draft pick # in brackets]:


QB: Tom Brady [15]; Donovan McNabb [95]; Jason Campbell [115]; Alex Smith (dropped Colin Kaepernick [215])
RB: Felix Jones [46]; Marshawn Lynch [75]; Michael Bush [135]; Delone Carter [175]
WR: Calvin Johnson [6]; Miles Austin [26]; Dez Bryant [35]; Percy Harvin [66]; Lance Moore [106]; Robert Meachem [126]
TE: Jermichael Finley [55]; Jimmy Graham [86]; Jared Cook [155]
K: Alex Henery [195]
DEF/ST: NE [166]
DL: Justin Tuck [186]
LB: yet to be signed (dropped Rashad Jennings [145])
DB: Eric Berry (dropped Javon Ringer [206])


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