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New Year’s House Cleaning

Sunday, January 10th, 2010


Having trouble accepting that this is now the present as it still sounds futuristic to me.

But alas, it’s the present, and here are but a few of the issues we’re grappling with:

– Does this make you feel safer?:

If that’s not enough, the TSA has purportedly ordered 300 of the naked-body scanners that they’ve been testing out and will be rolling them out in ariports for everyday use in the near future.

Everywhere you look, technology is being instituted to an absurd degree, ostensibly to keep us safer. It reminds me of this article that appeared on on March 26, 2007:

Toyota Says Sweat Detector Stops Drunk Drivers
By Joe Benton

January 3, 2007
Soon to be the world’s number one carmaker, Japanese auto giant Toyota plans to develop a system that it says will prevent a vehicle from starting after detecting that the driver is drunk.

The Toyota system analyzes sweat on the palms of the driver’s hands to assess blood alcohol content and does not allow the vehicle to be started if the reading is above programmed safety limits.

The system can detect abnormal steering and whether the driver’s pupils are out of focus as well as the sweat sensors in the steering wheel to determine the level of alcohol in the driver’s bloodstream.

If any of these symptoms are detected the car will not turn on or will slow to a stop.

The automaker said the system could be available as soon as 2009.

Toyota joins Volvo in developing computerized systems to prevent drunk driving. The Volvo system requires the driver to blow into a tube to detect alcohol in the breath.

Toyota rival Nissan Motor is also working on measures to prevent drunk driving.

The research announcements follow a record of drunken driving in Japan which included 14,000 intoxicated driving accidents in 2005 that killed 707 people, according to the National Police Agency.

Japan is considering increasing the penalty for driving under the influence to up to a maximum five years in prison from the current three years and doubling the fine to $8,500.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the recent Lexus ads that promote the vehicles’ steering-assist capabilities in case the driver veers too close to another automobile. You know how sometimes a warning light on your car’s dashboard will be triggered, and then when you take it in for service the mechanic tells you that it’s just a faulty sensor and that you should just ignore it? Well that is exactly why I don’t want my car deciding out of the blue to steer for me, because I can’t just ignore that if it is making a “faulty” decision! Do the people who are in charge of these “innovations” ever consider at what point enough is enough?

vftw– Everybody’s cheating on each other, as Tiger Woods headlined the biggest scandal of 2009.  Maybe people should take a page from Masha Kirilenko’s philosophy on relationships.  Remove the controlling, “you can’t” element from male-female interactions, and it figures that people will be less likely to be treacherous towards those they are involved with.

– New year means it’s time for a new year’s resolution: no more twitter.  Sorry tweeps, but attempting to follow others (here’s looking at you Mark Cuban) brought with it too much clutter.

Twitter Transmitter

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Yo! Twat up tweeps? ChillGrill is taking it to the twitosphere. Follow us at At the very least, we plan on using this as a vehicle to alert our followers every time a new entry is posted on the blog. Who knows what else it could become if it is indeed twitterrific. If, however, after trying it for awhile we decide it’s not all that sweet to tweet, then we reserve the right to fall off at any time. And if you think that makes us a twitter quitter, then, as J.R. Smith will tell you, we just “don’t kare.”

Technical Difficulties

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I know we promised more regular posts. I assure you that plan has not been scrapped like the Pirates’ 2009 season.

When you’re building a house, the foundation is the boring part that nobody will see but nonetheless is worth the most effort. Same deal with maintaining a website. We’re trying to get a few tweaks done behind the scenes before we really graduate to content.

I can tell you, however, that I am officially dialed in to fantasy football. Depth chart following my first draft:

QB [1]: Warner; Hasselbeck
RB [2]: Slaton; Barber; Benson; FJones
WR [3]: RMoss; Roy E. Williams; Gage
TE [1]: Winslow; VDavis
K [1]: Folk
DEF [1]: DAL

This is subsequent to a draft-day trade of RBush + Braylon for Slaton. So I’ve got one free agent spot (need to find a WR2/3 – I wish FA Miles Austin was good enough to do the trick) to play around with and the team is already Cowboy-heavy. What a beautiful time of year.

e-Garage Sale

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you it’s gonna get posted this weekend – after all, we’ve got a lot of chillin’ and grillin’ to do over July 4th weekend – but the For Sale page is about to be lit up with a bombardment of items. Within a week, a veritable garage sale of really nice stuff will be up for sale with more to follow in the near future. Be sure to check it out!

We appreciate your patience while we have been getting settled in here at our new digs, and you can also expect the blog to start receiving regular updates from here on out as well. Enjoy!