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Dynamic Ceramics

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Interested in high-quality, hand-made ceramics for your home or office?  Check out  Or, if you’re in Dallas, go take a look at his stuff in person.  Every one of this guy’s pieces that I’ve seen is distinct and would be aesthetically pleasing for years on end.

I will warn you, though, he does have one quirk that I’ve noticed.  Don’t go over there smelling like cigs.  Now, I happen to agree with him – I hate cigarettes – but I couldn’t believe the way he chastised a customer one morning for smelling like them.  He pulled no punches in shaming the guy for his decision to light up in the car on the way over, practically alerting the whole store that this man had a displeasing cigarette odor about him.

Who knows?  Maybe he had a bad experience as a child or something.  But if you and your lungs can handle this foible, I’m telling you, go let him fire something else up for you.  You won’t be disappointed.